You’ve moved into your new SOMO home and now it’s time to celebrate! Here are a few fun ways to get your loved ones involved.

Host a housewarming

With everything still in boxes, moving can quickly become a daunting task. However, you can take the inconvenience of moving and turn it into the perfect celebration of your new home.

Invitations can be sent out via snail mail, email, text, or creating a private, invitation only event on Facebook. Make sure you include the time, your new address, and any additional important details, such as details for parking and general directions to your home.

Bless your new home

Regardless of your religion, there are many ways you can bless your home with the help of family and friends. Blessing your house is just like energising it with prayers and positive intentions. It can be as simple as lighting candles and saying a prayer or involving aspects of your chosen faith to make it unique to you.

Meet the neighbours

Are you the type to love meeting new people? Hosting a neighbours’ night may be a good way to celebrate moving in! You can serve finger foods and drinks while hosting a few ice-breakers and get-to-know games. Not only would it be a fun night of mingling with new faces, but it would also be something your neighbours would really appreciate.

Game night

Play some games surrounding the uniqueness of your home. It could be in the form of trivia, guessing games or physical challenges. Offer prizes for different categories and let everyone enjoy playing the game.

Indoor picnic

While housewarming parties are fun, you often have to wait a couple of days after moving in order to host one. So, if you want to celebrate immediately, pull out some paper plates, lay down a blanket or drop sheet, order in some food and have a picnic indoors. It’s an easy way to chill out in the middle of chaos, and once all the furniture comes in, it’ll become more difficult to spread out in the middle of the living room.

To make your first home-buying experience as easy as possible, talk to a SOMO specialist today on 9202 9292.