There is nothing more satisfying than saying goodbye to renting and hello to owning your own home. No messy flatmates, lack of privacy, or bidding farewell to your hard-earned income every time you pay rent.

Finding a space of your own feels just as rewarding when you finally move out of mum and dad’s house or plucked up the courage to get back into the property market.

So, if you had a space to call your own, what would that feel like?

Free, as in you could do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted? Secure and stable, knowing there’s no landlord to change the lease or parents to ask when you’ll be home? Or would it feel like a fresh start, where you and your family could finally put down some roots and start making memories after moving to Perth from interstate or overseas?

Now, what would that space look like to you?

A three-bedroom house in Jolimont or Mount Pleasant with a backyard for the kids to play in and a park nearby? Or a low maintenance villa in easy walk to the local shops? How about a high-rise apartment with a great view of East Perth, or a cute houseboat on the Swan River?

Everybody needs a space of their own – and we can help make that happen for you.

Whether you’re renting, sharing, or living with family, SOMO – space of my own – is the stepping stone to owning your own space and calling it home. Apartments, units, villas, duplexes, house and land packages, park homes, houseboats – whatever your idea of a home may be, SOMO makes it a reality.