When choosing a space of your own to build your dream home, there are so many factors to consider. To make it a bit easier for you in the hunt for the right block of land, we’ve put together some essential basics to contemplate.

So, after deciding whether you’d like to be north or south of the river and which suburb to settle down in, there are a few more nitty-gritty things you’ll need to consider when choosing the right block of land for you and your circumstances.

How much land do you need?

Is it just you and your partner in this dream home? Are you planning on having a family? What about those two big fur babies and the grass they’ll need to tear up! You need to have a pretty clear idea of what your dream home looks like and what you’re willing to compromise on when looking for the right block of land. The size of your home will determine what size block of land you need, and sometimes where you’ll find it. Once you decide on the size for your needs, talk to one of our professionals that can show you house and land packages in Perth that will meet those requirements! And don’t forget, if you’re unsure while answering these questions when it comes to choosing the right block of land, give us a call! Matching West Australians with their dream house and land packages in Perth is our specialty.

Also, consider how the location of the right block of land will fit into your lifestyle. Do you want to be amongst the hustle and bustle near restaurants and a café strip? Or would you prefer a more secluded haven, tucked away in a quiet street but not too far from the beach? It is so important to reflect on your lifestyle (or the one you want) when deciding on the right block of land for you. There’s no point finding the right size and block of land that fits your budget if you’ll be unhappy living there! Think about where you want to live, in a quiet or busy street, within walking distance to amenities, and the ‘non-negotiable’ or must-haves for the block to be your ideal location. Speaking of budget, how much can you spend?

Some of the biggest mistakes people make that get them into financial difficulty are the hidden costs associated with the building process. Make sure you include any potential sitework costs in your estimation. You’ll need to get a professional to help you work out how much it will cost for the land itself as well as the price of building your home.

Don’t forget any other site-related costs a contractor could add to your build (more about this in a minute), as well as the final finishing touches (such as painting, fences, etc.) that you’ll require. It’s a great idea to get several quotes from different contractors and builders to compare and make sure you’re getting full value for your money. So what are siteworks?

Siteworks, or site-preparation costs, are often the cause of headaches and frustration when deciding to build your own home, adding additional costs that you hadn’t considered before you even start. These can vary depending on which area of Perth you decide to build in so when evaluating a potential block of land, and it’s important to consider how much it will be to prepare your block before building. Items such as service connections, site-preparation (earthworks) and council planning fees, are some of the costs to add up long before you even get to pour a slab. Factors that might impact a piece of land’s siteworks could be if it’s a sloping block or unlevelled ground if rocks or trees need to be removed, plus pumping and sewerage. Be sure to ask your builder for a complete breakdown of these costs so you can weigh up your options. If you’re concerned about possible sitework costs for a potential block of land, get in contact SOMO so we can make it a little clearer for you.

We’re here to help!
Considering all these factors may seem like it’s adding to your list of to-dos, but they are so important when finding the right block of land for you. Please let us take some of the stress off your shoulders and give us a call to discuss all the necessities when finding the perfect space for you! Give us a call today on (08) 9202 9292.