Think of us as your personal real estate coach or property matchmaker – where the end goal is helping you to find a space of your own.

Like any good relationship, success is built on trust and mutual respect, and the only way we’ll get to know each other better is to first share what we want! From our point of view, it’s simple: We want to help you!

Your first step is to tell us a little bit about yourself, like what sort of lifestyle you lead, what type of work you do and basically what floats your boat. You might be surprised to see that SOMO offers a wider range of ‘spaces’ and we do this intentionally in order to open the doors to options you may not have thought of before!

This will help us work out what you’re likely to be able to afford – and this is where your search for a space of your own can begin. We’ll do our best to match you up with a selection of options – take your time to browse through the results, and don’t end it there – and then let us know which ones you like!

So let’s get started – tell us about yourself and what you are after!

Time Poor?

Let Us Help You!

Don't have time to sift through the spaces available on the SOMO web site? Just send us your details and we will get back to you with your options!