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Did you know that hundreds of apartments sold off the plan during the mining boom are now available to buy in and around Perth at affordable prices? First-home buyers are finding spaces to call their own in suburbs like Nedlands, Tuart Hill, Yokine, Crawley, Maylands and North Coogee for much less than what it costs to buy a house.

So, what are the benefits of buying an apartment?

Apartment properties have many features and amenities that make them a popular choice for first-home buyers. Here are four reasons why:

Convenient locations
Because apartments are smaller and more densely packed, they’re often located closer to amenities such as shopping centres, schools, transport and job opportunities. This can mean shorter commutes to and from work and more time to spend with the kids after school.

Shared amenities
People who live in a high-rise apartment often enjoy shared amenities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and pet-friendly parks. You would have to commute to public facilities to get those services if you lived in a house.

Sense of community
If you have migrated from another country or moved from interstate to start a new job in Perth, living in an apartment means never being far away from friendship or support. You have neighbours all around you, many of whom are likely to share similar interests or cultural backgrounds.

Safety features
Overall safety in an apartment complex is heightened compared to single homes because a community lives in the same building. Many properties also come with security features such as CCTV monitoring and secure parking areas.

So, can you see yourself living in your own apartment?

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