Find Your Dream House and Land Package

At SOMO we have one goal to find you the perfect space of your own. The market in Perth is changing for first home buyers, so we’re changing with it! Our ’find the space of my own’ house and land packages range from apartments to villas to whole homes.

The range of house and land packages available in Perth is steadily growing. With the expansion of Perth City comes the need to cater to more diverse first homes. We have a range of perfect house and land packages for any first-time home buyer or family wishing to upgrade! If you’re into minimalism or want more of a luxe lifestyle, we have home options to suit your needs. Plus, we can help tailor any house and land package to better match up with your ideal dream home.

Our team is ready to debunk the myth that building your own home is more difficult, especially for first time home buyers. With our years of experience and professional staff, you are in good hands from finding the ideal location to laying the foundation of your home. Our house and land packages in Perth are available in almost any location. From the Swan River to the Hills we have plenty of options to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our mantra is that everyone should be able to find a space of their own house and land package. If there is something more, you want to discuss reach out to us here.

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