SOMO makes building a home a lot more fun and a lot less daunting.

Building a new home will be one of the most exciting – and unforgettable – experiences of your life. Seeing the concrete slab for the first time, watching the roof take shape, walking through the front door: it’s an amazing feeling!

SOMO makes building a home a lot more fun and a lot less daunting. Here’s a step-by-step snapshot of what to expect.

1. Lifestyle: We’ll introduce you to your personal home building consultant so you can discuss your wish-list, like where you want to live, how much you’d like to spend, and what boxes need to be ticked (i.e. schools).

2. Agreement: Once your plans and block are finalised, you sign the initial contract used to build your house, and pay a deposit.

3. Finance: In plain and simple language, we will explain everything there is to know about financing your new home and land package.

4. Final drawings: Standing on your block, we help you map out your home and formalise your building contract.

5. Colour selection: A fun part where you get to put your personal stamp on your new home!

6. Building approvals: Once your local council approves the relevant paperwork, your home moves on to the construction phase.

7. Slab Down: Put your Blundstones or work boots on because your new home is now officially underway! This is when the reality of the build usually kicks in because you can finally get an idea of its actual size and shape.

8. Walls: When these go up, you quickly see your new home unfolding before your eyes.

9. Roof: Your home has reached the official ‘roof cover’ stage. Now it’s protected from the elements and our construction crews can get it to the next important stage.

10. Lock-up: After the roof of your home is positioned, the inside will be plastered and then windows and doors installed.

11. Internal fit-out: You know you’re nearing the finish line when you see your kitchen, bathroom cabinets, toilets and tapware installed!

12. Moving In: This is where SOMO officially hands you the keys to your brand-new home! Congratulations!

13. Fine-tuning: A few little tweaks here and there and you are ready to send out the invites for your housewarming party! (We even have some ideas to help you celebrate your new home with family and friends.)

See, it wasn’t that long ago when you were meeting with a consultant and now you’re living in a space of your own! Building your home can be that easy with SOMO. That’s because we’ve been doing it for years, all over Perth, and for every lifestyle and budget. We make the process a lot more fun and a lot less daunting.

Take the first step towards owning your first home by calling 08 9202 9292.