Decorating your new home can be a lot of fun, but it can also feel like an overwhelming task. Making each room flow into the next might seem difficult but SOMO’s interior design secrets will help you achieve the house of your dreams.

Decide on a theme

A simple way to make your new home looked lived in – and have a unified design – is to have a common theme throughout. Do you like modern or vintage? Bohemian or industrial? Or is the popular Hamptons look more your thing? Pick a look you love and repeat it throughout the various rooms of your house.

Choose the right materials

When shopping for furniture and accessories, consider the types of materials that will suit the theme of your new home. Use similar materials in each room – glass, timber or metal, for example – to create a seamless transition between each space.

Pick a signature colour

What are your favourite colours? Find one you really love (i.e. a colour you can live with for a long time) and weave it into each room’s design. Mix light and dark shades and vary the amount of colour in each room, too. And we’re not only talking about walls – a pop of colour can take the form of curtains, rugs, accent pillows, or even artworks.

Add eye-catching focal features

Add your personal style to each room and living zone by including a surprise element or a conversation piece. This can be a cluster of downlights above your kitchen bench or dining table, or a sculpture in the foyer.

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