House and Land Packages in Perth

Everyone deserves a space of their own. Let the hard work pay off and invest in your future today with one of our tailored house and land packages in Perth.

We understand how important it is to find the perfect location at the right price. sorting through the many house and land packages in Perth can be quite daunting and, as a first home buyer, it can be overwhelming. We want this to be an enjoyable and exciting experience that doesn’t break your budget and starting from as little as $220 per week, you could own your dream home. Our range of house and land packages can be built anywhere within the Perth metropolitan area as well as more distinctive locations such as our picturesque house and land packages in Perth hills or beachside house and land packages in Yanchep.

Plus, when you settle on a house and land package with us, there is a range of first home buyer benefits that you can unlock. With the autonomy of being in charge of where your dream home is located and keeping within your budget, we give you peace of mind that the whole process is well within your control. As a first time home buyer, you can access the first home buyers government grant and other assistance with help from the keystart loans. We can also provide you with first home builder tips, from pouring the concrete slab right through to watching your roof take shape.

In Perth, there are plenty of first home builders to choose from but it’s this holistic approach to first home building sets us apart from the crowd. We believe in seeing things through to the end and want to see the final product! So, that’s why when you choose us, you’ll have access to many secrets that make building a home successful and these useful tips for first home buyers will ease some of the pressure.

We also know first time home builders make some slip-ups along the way when it comes to structural design and budgeting, so we’re committed to helping you avoid the obvious mistakes and learning from those that have gone before you, providing the benefits of working with a team of experienced first home buyers builders.

Have a think about it. For the same price as you’re renting, you could own your own home!

Browse our house and land packages in Perth below and reach out to us to discuss your available options. We’re ready to make magic happen so choose us to be your first home buyer builder!

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