Kingsley, Western Australia

Suburb Profile

Suburb: Kingsley, WA
Total Population: 13,059
Median Age: 43
Median Mortgage Repayment: $2,000 per Month
Median Rent: $420 per Week
Distance From Perth CBD: 17.30km

Kingsley is not just another ‘northern suburb‘ it’s one of the most beautiful and well-located suburbs in the northern corridor. We know that’s a huge claim to make, but we’re confident that property for sale in Kingsley is unlike its neighbouring suburbs that are Woodvale, Padbury and Craigie.

Here’s why we think houses for sale in Kingsley WA are so great! Firstly, Kingsley sits on the Yellagonga Regional Park a stunning nature reserve that you can take your furry friend for a walk or go for a quick afternoon jog around. Secondly, houses for sale in Kingsley are only 10 minutes from the beach and also from Joondalup City, meaning you get to reap the benefits of coastal living and city living all at once. But lastly, we think the best part about the current property for sale in Kingsley is its price!

We know our customers are price-sensitive, that’s one of the reasons we started SOMO to make sure we can find everyone a space of their no matter their circumstances. The houses for sale in Kingsley WA are cheaper than their surrounding suburbs and offer the same facilities and lifestyle. More specifically, we have done some research into census data and found that the average median weekly household income is $1,853, and the median monthly mortgage repayment rate is $2,000. Or, if you are thinking of building and then renting to tenants, we have excellent news! The median weekly rental rate is $420, meaning you get a substantial return on your investment property in Kingsley! Compared to other house and land packages in Perth, we think Kingsley property is competitively priced, which will become your greatest asset in the future.

We love directing our customers to view the property for sale Kingsley before they view other houses for sale in Perth because we genuinely do believe that Kingsley has a lot to offer! With our help, you can find the right property for sale in Kingsley and discuss with us your dream home that you want to build because our team has built everything. So, if you’re ready to take the next leap and discover what available houses are for sale in Kingsley then reach out to us.

Likewise, if you are a first home buyer in WA, we can help you get a keystart loan and can tell you more specific property buying tips and advice. We understand it’s daunting being a first home buyer in Australia, but our team is ready to help in any way possible.

To discover more about houses for sale Kingsley or other homes for sale Perth then contact us today on (08) 9202 9292. We are eager to chat and provide you with property buying tips and advice so you can find the perfect house for sale in Kingsley WA.

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