So, you’ve bought your house (or a block of land), and now you’re considering insurance options. It’s the next logical move to make after purchasing one of the most significant assets of your life. There are hundreds of insurances available in the housing market. So, picking the right one can be challenging.

One thing you do before you pick your cover is to choose your insurer. Make sure you research a range of home insurers in Perth WA and what covers they offer. Secondly, think about costs and make sure there are no hidden fees with commission-based insurers. Lastly, look at the insurer’s online reviews! Reviews tell a lot about a company so to help you pick a reputable insurer read their website and Google reviews to get an indication if they are trustworthy.

Below are the most common (and recommended) insurances for home buyers and investors:
1) Building insurance: this insurance makes sure you are protected from almost anything that is earth related! This cover protects you from theft, fire, floods, storms, earthquakes and can sometimes include emergency repairs and clean up fees. Building insurance is for anything built around you.
2) Building and contents insurance: Similar to building insurance, the added extra of content insurance means all your belongings are covered, and sometimes temporary accommodation and counselling can come a part of the package.
3) Contents insurance: your stuff is important! So, with this basic cover, you ensure all your belongings are fully insured.

4) landlord insurance: If your investment property is affected by extreme weather events, this insurance covers loss of rent so your tenants can live elsewhere, and you still get paid rent.
If you are ready to talk more about home insurance and want some more direction about where to look and what cover is best suited for your home, then feel free to reach out to us! If we don’t know the answers, we have a network of people (including insurers) that we can get you in contact with to ease your mind. Contact us today on (08) 9202 9292.